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The breadth of Vodoun healing has hardly been skimmed in the literature as well as in present-day research. This work has attempted to present the basic elements of the Vodoun healing, each apart, in an effort of systematization. However, it is important to recall that the entirety is but one system which functions in synergies. Understanding this totality demands a recognition of its different parts; it is necessary that more extended research of a multi-disciplinary approach be carried out in order to throw light upon this obscured yet essential domain.


The few pamphlets that may be found to-day on this subject are laying on some shady shelves of exotic libraries bearing often the undignified titles of folk remedies, sorceries or superstitions. Their numbers are few. I assume other writings, having been doctoral thesis, have known limited distribution. I will advance here for the benefit of the reader, nine publications that have come to my attention:

6books.gif (2951 octets)

Rulx Leon Medicine and local superstitions" 1934.
Lorimer Denis A ritual observed for the protection of newborns against the spells of sorcerers" 1947.
Milo Marcelin One hundred beliefs and superstitions" 1954.
Antoine Paul The Importance of Palma Christi in the popular culture" 1980.
Alfred Metraux Medicine and voodoo in Haiti" Acta Trop 10(1): 28-68 UCLA.
Gerald Francis Murray Folk Healers of Petit-Goave" International Development Research Center 65p.
Michel S. Laguerre The Health Beliefs and practice of Haitian Americans" 1981.
Jean-Claude Delbeau Société, Culture et Médecine Populaire Traditionnelle 1990, Imp. H. Deschamps.



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