From: Tito
Date: 09.13.2001
Time: 12:02:54


I’d like to extend my heartfelt condolences and deepest sympathies to those effected by this week’s horrific tragedy. 

Since the Temple of Yehwe is based in Washington (and has members in many US cities, including NY) it is not improbable that friends or family members of the Temple have been directly impacted by these events. To everyone who may have suffered a personal loss I’d like to let you know that compassionate people everywhere share your pain, and that you are in our prayers.


Thank you Tito! All & Every Temple of Yehwe member joins me to Thank you and to pray for all Thee who are wounded, we will never forget them As Long As Their Memories remain alive within us.

Ati YaBouke Bo Oungan

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