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How can we as Vodoun Priests Make a Change?

From: YaBezwen
Email: [email protected]


I was forwarded an article by my fellow Vodouist sister YaTunde, she sent an article about Malcolm X's grandson being released from jail. I started to remember our great warrior ancestor Malcolm X. He was labled a revolutionist, a rebel, but he was a Priest–he was a righteous man. He opened the worlds eyes, he spoke of international solidarity. He kne the answer lied within God. It made me think how can we as Vodoun Priest change things?…. You know there is something about the spirit of Malcolm X that I just can't shake. Whenever I see him on a documentary I am just fascinated, and I get chills like crazy, he is still around us very strong. His spirit stays close to earth, he is there to help us, he hopes to find one courageous enough to take on his task. We all pray for revolution, but whenever someone truly steps up to the plate for our people, they end up in jail or worse dead. He was so cool, calm and collected all of the time. His spirit is so strong. He was so confident and extremely knowledgeable, but most importantly he was humble. Knowledge and power is nothing without humility. I love that man. Even when he knew his time had come, he kept his strength and did not back down to anybody. And who could ever forget that Lovely SMILE !!! 🙂 I have always believed that through spirituality you should be able to conqueror anything, as long as it is for good. Evil doings catch up with you in the long run as we all have witnessed or heard about. We can be revolutionary, we can make things happen, we can change the world, we can be heard, without being imprisoned or killed, we can do it without a riotous speech, we can use song, prayer, drumming and dance. I notice that Vodoun Ceremonies are like no other, not only do we honor and serve our God and Ancestors, but we celebrate, laugh, dance, let loose and have a GREAT Time!! Vodoun is mesmerizing, it will lure the enemy in and soon they to will be unable to ignore and fight off that wonderful feeling. As Mambo's, Houngan's and Hounsi Kanzo's about to imbark upon completion of your initiation, we are asked to help one obtain employment, to open the way for love, to bless one's home, to defeat an enemy, to help one from going to jail or with a court situation–I'm not saying that these things are not important; but, what about the bigger picture. With all of these major problems, I really can't understand why one would be in this to cause harm to anyone (be it being a Boukur or one who does any form of work to harm another), we have enough evil to deal with anyhow. We are in need of universal healing, its really bad for us as African people, its been that way for sometime and it gets worse with every passing minute. We are under attack, we are being annihilated, being killed, killing each other, and being pumped up with so many diseases. Most of us have some form of mental imbalance, how could we not, living in a world where we allow and have allowed for centuries a weaker minority always against us. We have given them the power over our wellbeing, power to keep us enslaved, power to hate ourselves and each other, power to reject our heritage. We are hated, we are envied, we harm one another and they sit back and laugh. How can we as Vodoun Priests change this, how can we change our seemingly never ending enslavement? How can we reach our peoples soul, how can we snap the youth out of the "walking zombie" spell they are under? Will any of us ever really experience true happiness and freedom or will we have to wait until the day we join our glorious ancestors? With the collective energy of our Lwa and ancestors, what can we do to change this for us, our brothers and sisters all over the globe and especially for the children? Why has this not manifested? Many have this dream. …Or is the only Utopia for us our journey through the waters below to Ancient Guinea, maybe it is and maybe we just have to make the best of this place while we are here. But if that were the case, why do we have to come back 16 times, seems like God gives us a lot of time to bring about change….. YaBezwen

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