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Oldumare made Orishas/ loas/pedros for a dialog beetween us and him

From: Andreas Guggenberger
Email: [email protected]


Dear Mr. Beauvoir Iam standing short time for initiation to get warriors in cubanien/lukumi tradition. One questions returns everytime: Oldumare made the Orishas which are the same like Loas and pedros, like I think (Give me correction if it is not right please). If you are dancing or sacrificing you are serving the LWA`S. You are serving them because is to big for s to understand him. Because respect to him is beter not to try picture from him. This is theoreticly clear and open tolerance, what is very important special in our time. But now my questions: Loas and pedros are energies, angels, demons how would you describe them. Or what is the consequence for the soul because you say the soul can not die? When I read the Odun specialy from Orumilla ( what is not Vodoon), I see that it is very deep sometimes hard to bring peace to the peoples. So I respect it a lot. Maybe you can explain me more consequence and identity of Loas/pedros, when serving them. And what is the will of God/oldumare to us. Loa and pedro are not god? Thank you very much for soon answer. Andreas

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