In my judgment, Duvalier did his best to promote the Protestant faith in Haiti which grew from being less than 10, in 1957, to more than 300 sects at his death in 1971. To me the grip of Duvalier upon the population was real. It was based mainly upon his military and economic cynicisms, that made him capable of murdering whoever he wanted at any given time and also able of making any of his friend rich overnight.

     Dear Frater Obitus Tradere, giving you the benefit of the doubt, I remain convinced that you are of good faith and not so much interested in repeating the "bilveze" of a Press that wanted to paint ugly a Dictator head of State of a third World Country by raising an alleged association of him with Vodou or "Baron Samedi", knowing quite well the propaganda that had been projected in the World by Hollywood and others, probably since the day of the Independence of our Country. But, I think that you would like to see how that poor and combative people of Haiti can make a few steps forward at the beginning of the twenty-first century. If such is the case, and I command you for it, you should consider that Vodou is not more Satanic or demoniac that any other Religions practiced in the Country that, unfortunately, did not hesitate to form coalitions in order to get involved into pogroms and dechoukage, killing and pillaging the population at least 13 times in Haitian History in the name of Christ. 

     To be valid, we should all spend our efforts, and I tend my hand to you for that, so that we reweave together the social fabrics of our population while respecting each other faith, differences, Religion, system of thoughts and values. Upon doing this successfully, we shall be able to better each other’s condition of life and the ones of our families. We shall make them worth something. 

     May, dear Frater Obitus Tradere, the Spirit of Our Ancestors inspire you and remain with you always. There is much more to be gained by remaining true to oneself, to our family, to our Culture and to our Tradition, than by having a best seller that we may offer the Chairman of the Department of our foreign Universities. 

Sincerely yours, Yabouke (g)Bo Oungan

Last modification : 01-10-16