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Re: Ati Yabouke Bo Oungan or Tito

From: Ogouswife
Email: [email protected]


Hi Eve, I recently Kanzo'd in Haiti, (Sur Pwen-my grade), In your journey you will meet alot of people who will tell you that a Kanzo(or Canzo spelling differs) can be done in the U.S. – This is Wrong! a proper Kanzo(not Initiation-that is something totally different)can only be performed in Haiti. That is where the roots are , where the spirits and their power are embedded. Also people dont just become Asogwe, that grade requires so much knowledge, and experience, it is not a grade you take lightly. For someone with little to no experience in Vodoun, it would be better for you to Kanzo Senp,(simple Kanzo), you would be considered a Hounsi(Wife of the spirit). This is the beginner level of Vodoun if you will. It's kinda like being a recognized member of a congregation, not to mention you become a member of that family -literally. I hope I answered your questions, feel free to email me.

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