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Re: How Can We As Vodoun Priest Make a Change?

From: YaTande’ Bon Mambo
Email: [email protected]


Dear Beautiful Sister: Peace and Blessings. You are very sensitive, and insightful. I am so happy that I sent you that Malcolm X article. I may have inspired you, but have also inspired me to look even deeper into matters of the heart, and life vibrations. You looked past the writings of glorification to imagine the Human Person, stripped of all the Praise and Glorification…….and you saw a Priest that lived the life he spoke of. You realized here is a man who truly believes that "Leadership is Action, Not Position". Thank you for your courage, insight, and the capacity to be Human. You gave me more hope in ways that my spirit needed to be fed. My bold step became Bolder because of your added Vibration. Thank you Ayibobo…Ayibobo…Ayibobo

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