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Re: Interested in DC

From: Lens Magmara
Email: [email protected]
URL: http://communities.msn.fr/AyitiAyizanAyibobo/_whatsnew.msnw


Hello Joe, we welcome you in the Great Community of Vodou (if ever there was such a thing!) We would like to share with you our interest in Vodou (of course) but mostly Human Kind! You asked if the Temple opens to European descents – well what a strange question as you probably did not take a good look around the site or the seminar! Are homosexuals welcomed?!? Gee! I mean is this another trend like Vodou people, or any other closed groups! Of course Vodou accepts HUMAN BEINGS who believe in their spirits, their ancestry, their past lives and their futur becoming – this is where Vodou comes in!

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