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From: Tito


Dear Yakite, thanks for the invitation to contact you. I don’t have email. I know it’s easy to get but I never seem to get around to it. Something in your words make me dream. I can see that you are an intense and beautiful woman. Don’t let yourself become demoralized. A deceased relative loves you very much and can help in times of struggle. Any sadness surrounding your son will pass. You tend to be influenced strongly by those around you so take care to cultivate healthy relationships. Let your relationship to your siblings, your husband, and to money evolve naturally. Don’t fear change and trust in your own ability to adapt. Ogou can help. I hope that my words aren’t too weird or pretentious. Maybe I’m off base, but since I couldn’t contact you directly I wanted to respond to your invitation in some other way.

Last modification : 03-03-12