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Re: voodoo spell

From: Help me please gypsy one to three four change’s
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I need help quick there is a problem with several in this situation I was looking up to Sylvia Brown. I called Mother Love and I went to North Hollywood there trying to use thing’s to keep me from my image changing I deserve it and this is riduculous there letting my parent’s get away with it. I am not I am going to try and I hope to that you can realize but there is a gypsy from the time I remember him he was driving by wearing all black. A force of wind came I am not lying side to side and was after the fact of what happened with a spanish fellow I dated. It happened back in 90 and I started to realize and there is one that I went to at the time I realized back in New London and they don’t care how brutal people talk about thing’s or do thing’s toward’s each other. I have been through enough and for them to judge to lier’s when they are to creation that there trying to use to try and screw it up with a spell this is my situation I hope to that you could fix it before it’s to late. There is one to sheriff on Mother Love. two Sylvia and was told quickly from the Spanish guy and one for the lady in North Hollywood for luck to myself and was also screwed up to the guy in New London I know. I was twelve year’s old and image’d my mother. and was touchy touchy touchy,touchy and John and Alison I had some real bad friend’s in my life time. But I need your help quick I over came them and one is I never knew I was so popular I prayed and go to church it’s all images’ that are being thrown around there using it to try and use it for mind control and trying to get me mad and they are in Hollywood. One know’s and is lying big time and trying to make me look bad I am suppose to sit here while one is using it on me for my big mouth. It’s not funny I am trying to get a job and take some courses at school. Tiffany Jill Steven’s to not want my last name to what I am George from Texas I told and told me 1000 and the one who got me on flower’s. I need you help quickly I am in California and was just told that they will eat me alive John played with himself not knowing to awareness and I prayed to the time I would have to marriage to one for myself. I am not a slut. I am a nice person who is trying. I should suggest that if one to who should go after another than or be there for a rolemodel to it not being anything wrong to prove to paying them back I do want to go to the caribbean’s and it’s not stupid I was wanting to have help for my spell and one is using it for it on there’s. I met a girl who is pretty and she’ s like my age and she’s like number one for a star. I met a phychic that helped me with a dinner and said to just pray and she felt evil presence and that lady in North Hollywood looked evil with weird image’s I don’t know I think that one is jealous that what i am getting at. Please help before it’s to late. I deserve someone know matter what I over came it I prayed I don’t even do drug’s. I also talked with a psychic that said not to even pray and gave me a prayer. Help quick please attention attention attention One who paid 500 hundred no sex to after I prayed

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