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Re: voodoo spell

From: Skip One to three
URL: [email protected]


I also was in the middle of trying to explain about the lady in North Hollywood why won’t they explain thing’s instead of going at me I saw bottled water and I don’t even really like to talk about sex. I need someone help. I am going through to much at young age to what I have been to what I am. There using changes of what I should be for myself. Could you please help. I need someone support and I do need a phychic. It’s still leaving me on the ground and I don’t have a car and my image was lost it’s keeping me on the ground I met a guy who helped and put me in a Hotel at the Campbell in and I also met a guy at Lion King Theatre in Hollywood he was a black guy and Elyssa’s friend and several think I could be of something better than to what I ever had been I even lost to my gymnastic’s which was my favorite. My mother left me too look bad knowing of abuse. I am not giving anyone one a guilt trip this is really happening. They better not play game’s to a gypsy thing that is what may be taking over. I am in California and I am trying to stay in Campbell for the time being. Lt Forbes in Ct. didn’t even care to that a psychic was being told to say things’ to hurt my friend’s feeling’s and even wound up harrassing my friend four time’s Glenn. Sgt. Martin in Ct.was using my friend to say something to and almost caused a fight and almost hurt his head with a bag ose to skip Sylvia because of the problem’s but that is what happened to a reason to one to a reason for abuse to what was caused by one and now it’s my fault. He a reason and was saying that but several do it’s not a reason to a way to a person who never heard and want’s a better life to what they overcame to alot which several have said. My father is intimating and my mother has problems’ to helping him and having someone but I to him to what he did to his life to not much better. Tiffany Jill Steven’s to change to as well as to what i am to being a image to a psychic to a better state to one who could help. I think that lady in North Hollywood may be single or to evil but I don’t know because she scares me maybe Miss Cleo or Mother Love to what they said try her but I can’t. I need someone’s help I am trying hard to get someone what if it’s a trick of gypsy. Even explaining my problem’s to one nobody helping me I am confused to a gypsy of one who is trying to I was with a cow-cow and I wasn’t wanting sex.

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