Re: Voodoo

From: Satela
Date: 04 Mar 1999
Time: 16:10:55
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Hello Hazlemoon9 and Yabouke. Just a stop in for a moment and thought I’d offer a few words. Hazlemoon9, I thank you for your interest but I think you students doing research should learn to do your work independantly. It is a problem that through the internet students feel they will find quick research papers all done for them. If you do a search on the web, you’ll find all the answers you asked answered and then, well of course, you’ll have to sum them up yourself. The danger with the sort of practice you do by asking people to answer your very basic questions is that they get to be tired of answering and then even specialized questions which could here find an answer may run the risk of not getting them. Yabouke, you’re too good. Always.

I also wanted to let our community know about this fascinating meeting which was organized by the Akan community, while I happened to be stopping by Washington. It featured Akan, Yoruba, Vodoun and Native American community members, joined together by the facts of our healing systems. FANTASTIC! An initiative which I heartily hope will be followed up on.


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