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Vision or a dream?

From: Mario
Email: [email protected]


Greetings to all upon this board, I am a Haitian-American, born and raised in the U.S. but with strong roots to Haiti.I grew up in all-white Catholic church and once I had the chance to search for myself left the church to find myself studying several religions and ways of life from Rastafari to Islam. But I realized that they were all based upon some other man's holy book and way of thinking.I've always been taught to fear Vodou because it's a "pagan" religion. Recently, I had an experience when I was sleeping that some type of evil or bad spirit entered my dream and showed me his face. He tapped into a fear that I've had for some time that has caused me to really search within myself to find answers.I have been told mmany times that evil recognizes when you are trying to do good by yourself and other people and they try to stop you. What I'm asking is could this be the case? If so, how can I protect myself from such attacks again. I have nothing left to lean upon but the teachings and power of my ancestors. Vodou is empower and it is the culture of my people. For the those that reply, I give thanks in advance any advice, I definitely appreciate. Mpa pale kreyol bien, mais kreyol pale, kreyol compren. One Love Mario

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